Why Do International Students Feel Stressed?

Adele Hansley
3 min readJul 15, 2021

When you are studying in a different country, it’s quite obvious to feel homesick or a little bit anxious once in a while. It is stressful for them while dealing with a completely new lifestyle, financial difficulties, relationship issues, study commitments, online assignment etc. Sometimes, you might feel that you need a little bit of extra help and that is okay!

Through research, it is identified that international students are at a greater risk of facing stress because of some extra challenges faced by them while studying abroad.

Let’s discuss what stress is and how to cope with it?

#Common Stressors faced by international students.

In the research, international students’ interviews were reviewed regarding a different kind of stress they face while adjusting to their new life.

So, Different Types Of Stresses Were Analysed Which Are As Follows:

1) Culture Shock And Off-Campus Pressures:-

While entering abroad, international students face new responsibilities, new barriers, search for accommodation, finding perfect housemates, managing rent, etc.

English also has language barriers like while making friends, accent opinions, and there is also a fear of miscommunication.

2) Academic As Well As Financial Pressure:-

To adjust to the household finances, students may adjust with an unfamiliar style of living, different academic environments, style of study, and course structure.

Sometimes, students who are graded as “below expectation” are more prone to a higher level of anxiety which further leads to poor academic performance.

3) Homesickness:-

Sometimes, most of the students feel homesick for few days after moving to a new home and for some, it takes few weeks as well. It’s quite challenging to move from a completely familiar environment to a new place. So feeling homesick is quite obvious and will involve whole a lot of new experience like:

  • Anxiousness.
  • Feeling Demotivated.
  • Nothing familiar.
  • Feeling lonely.
  • a feeling of unbelonginess.
  • Feeling that your new life does not meet up to your expectations.

If You Deal With Any Kind Of Stress, There Are Some Ways Through Which You Can Deal With It Effectively:-

1) Social Connection Between Your Host Countries

Build your strong network with other international students. Also, you can use social networking apps to find international students or people in your city who have a similar hobby.

2) Reach Out To Your Friends, Family, Etc.

Talk to someone about this who is close enough.

  • Writing e-mails, letters, etc.
  • keeping yourself busy
  • Interacting with new people.
  • Acceptable to new style sessions with friends & family.
  • Travel & explore out with new friends.

3) Eat Healthily, Look After Yourself, And Be Fit.

Sleep deprivation & bad eating habits are also known to trigger stress. So one should take nutritious meals and take proper rest. One should try to cook meals at home instead of bringing or ordering from outside. Exercise can both help in improving physical as well as mental health.

So, you must ensure that you keep yourself active by going for a walk, swim or can also work out in a gym. The best thing to do is Yoga, Meditation exercises, it keeps yourself calm.



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