Research Paper Topic Examples To Help You If You Are Wondering How To Write My Research Paper

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Preparing and making an academic research paper is indeed one of the most daunting tasks in students’ lives. Every student is assigned a complex topic to make a research report on that particular. They often wonder who can write my research paper. The good thing is that now you can hire subjects experts online to complete your research paper on time.

Example Of Research Paper Topics For Different Academic Subjects:

Below are some of the best research paper examples in all the academic subjects and essential working sectors.

Research Paper Topics for Management Students:

1. Research on Consumer behaviour of Tata.

2. Study on Customer Relationship Management at Britannia.

3. The Buying behaviour of Consumer of Vodafone.

4. A survey of consumer satisfaction with Mahindra.

5. Project on Consumer perception and attitude towards Nike Footwear.

Research Paper Topics for Engineering Students:

1. A study based on CAM (Computer-Aided Design).

2. The Advantages of web-based teaching for the Healthcare Sector.

3. The Evolution of Technological Advancements.

4. Project improvement by computer-aided interactive methods.

5. Effects of ATS in Human Resource Screening and Application process.

Research Paper Topics for Law Students:

1. Research conducted on the loopholes in the Law.

2. RTI Activities and its impact on general people.

3. A study based on the implementation of Minority Rights.

4. List of Drug Abuse since 2015.

5. The Role of Education and Demonstration in the prevention of Crimes.

Research Paper Topic for Medical Professionals:

1. Research reflecting the healthcare system for animals across the world.

2. The impact of homoeopathic medicines on human buying behaviour.

3. List of the Rarest Diseases found in Children under 3 Years of Birth.

4. Changes in mental health because of ageing.

5. Latest Developments in HIV/AIDS.

Research Paper Topic for Architecture Students:

1. Study based on Infrastructure failures since 2015.

2. Rural Development and Architecture.

3. A study based on Developed Infrastructure and its Benefits to People.

4. The Design and Layout study for maximum efficiency.

5. A Study based on the history of Pyramids in Egypt.

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